Heli Heiskanen

Online counselling and therapy sessions

I offer online Psychologist counselling and therapy sessions in English.

If you need help for for different kind of life challenges and topics like self esteem, stress, relationships and love, high sensitivity, anxiety, depression and life crises, this is for you.
I have 20 years experience as a Psychologist and educator in Finland and over 30 years experience of my own deep and conscious development towards my true self. Also I have published three non-fiction books about highly sensitive people and love relationships (so far they are only in Finnish).
My approach is holistic. I combine psychology, mind and body awareness, creative practices, mindfulness, intuitive healing and spiritual growth perspectives. I respect all beliefs and do not follow any specific religious or spiritual approaches.
You are welcomed and appreciated just as you are 🙂
If you are interested, please send me a message for more information or to make an online-appointment. My email is [email protected]
Best wishes,
Heli Heiskanen
Psychology Masters degree
Licensed psychologist (Finland)